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Habitat Solutions is a fully integrated land company that focuses on developing recreational properties across the central United States. With conservation at the core of our motives Habitat Solutions is dedicated to being stewards of the land. Leveraging our relationships with biologist, consultants, property owners, real estate brokers, and investors allows us to design a unique approach for habitat development and service a wide range of customers.

Our founder Shane Olson started the company in 2017 by conducting development consulting services and providing management plans for full scale recreational hunting operations. Shane has over 15 years of experience in wildlife biology and manages Big Lake Hunting Club, the oldest known hunting club in Oklahoma. Through his years of experience of managing a prestigious club Shane has equipped himself with the skills to be able to develop raw land and create habitat for wildlife of all kinds. Since the inception, the company has added partner Grant Wisenbaker.
With the expansion of industrial growth over the past 150 years many habitats and ecosystems have been destroyed and it is becoming difficult for wildlife to thrive due to less natural habitat. Habitat Solutions is devoted to converting acres of deprived farm and ranch land and converting that into habitat for native and migratory wildlife. Please contact us with any conservation related topics, our firm is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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